1. Is my number saved on the U-report platform?

Response: The U-Report platform generates a unique identity number for each U-Reporter. Phone numbers are hidden therefore keeping one's U-reporter identity anonymous.

2. Who owns data received from U-Report polls?

Response: The data received from U-Report polls is owned by UNICEF. The data is used to improve programmes, influence decision making, trigger behavior change, to advocate on various issues, improve accountability, service delivery and provide emergency responses where the case arises.

3. Who can see the messages I send to U-Report?

Response: Poll responses are shared on the U-Report website and Facebook page for anyone to access. Unsolicited messages or questions sent in by U-Reporters can only be seen the authorized UNICEF administrators who have access to the software which runs the U-Report platform and by partners who work with UNICEF to respond to questions sent in by U-Reporters.

4. Where do you store all the data gathered from U-report?

Response: U-Report data is hosted by Amazon Web Services which has standardized security measures in place, similar to the systems used in the banking sector.

5. Who can access the U-Report data hosted by Amazon Web Services?

Response: Only UNICEF administrators with access to the software which runs U-Report have access to the data stored in the cloud.

6. What if I don't want to be a U-Reporter anymore?

Response: Being a U-Reporter is voluntary. You can opt out anytime by sending "youreportexit" to 1755 free on MTN or Vodafone or on Facebook @UrepGhana