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U-Report makes in roads at the Adolescent and Youth Consultative Meeting

With the current bulge of young population across the world, many stakeholders including UNICEF are engaging young people to have their voices heard, not only because it is the right thing to do but it is their right as well.

Young people have a right to be heard- for which reason a consultative meeting was organized on 8th August 2018, with young advocates working with CSOs and other youth networks to input into the adolescent and youth engagement communication strategy to be developed by UNICEF over the next four years.

During this meeting, Communication for Development Specialist, Geeta Sharma, in a brief presentation indicated that Ghana will be the 47th country to launch U-report and use the innovation that provides a free SMS-Based tool designed to address issues that young people in Ghana care about.

Ms. Sharma encouraged the young advocates to join the U-Report platform by texting ‘JOIN’ to 1755 on MTN and Vodafone for free.

“The youth need a platform where they can voice their opinion and be heard without fear of being judged. U-Report provides such a platform of meaningful engagement for our youth,”said Geeta Sharma.

Below are some of the views of the youth advocates

“U-Report is an avenue created to bridge the setbacks in youth engagement – U-Report talks about “You”- the Youth. The youth will have a safe space for engagement. Let us move from policies to actions,” Priscilla, 22, Youth Advocate.

“U-Report can help more importantly in delivering information about Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) to our growing youthful population,” Evans, 23, Youth Advocate.

“Since today and the future of our country lies in the hands of the youth, the U-Report can make young people assertive on pertinent issues, make better decisions and also get better understanding on concerns being raised, Victoria, 20, Youth Advocate.

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.